Launch of Wortfilter (2002)

Axel Gronen was the founder of this site. Initially, the site was dedicated exclusively to eBay's own word filter. Back then, AI wasn’t on everyone’s lips and the error-prone word filter caused many a problem. The eBay word filter meant that completely legal offers were hidden in the eBay search result if certain key texts such as "ss" were contained in the item name. This is how wortfilter.de started. At some point, the blog became more and more extensive and well-known and clarified everything about online trading. Axel was quite argumentative and did not mince his words to clarify grievances.

2008 - 2009

Axel and Heidi met in 2008 in a heated online discussion: "He as the - let's say - practical problem solver and I as a lawyer."

We married in 2009. Our wonderful son Felix was born the following year.

The death of Axel

Axel died in December 2014.

Heidi: "But every day I see the most wonderful son
that one could wish for. I am infinitely grateful to Axel for this - infinitely grateful for this gift that enriches my life every day and makes me incredibly happy. Felix is my everything. And so today I like to remember the good times with Axel.”

Unfortunately, the inheritance was in debt. The only thing
of value was the domain wortfilter.de and an outstanding claim. But a domain whose value was unknown and a claim that would have to be filed first and then maybe land ± 0 were no basis for an inheritance for Felix, so the inheritance had to be turned down.

"I decided to save the domain and take it over myself and to continue the Wortfilter-project as Axel had founded it and made it successful before others do it, who have already given the domain in droves - sometimes a few days after Axel's death wanted to have. That way Felix could at
least benefit a bit.”

Heidi registered the trademarks for word filters and reserved the domain. When it became free, I took it over and imported the content again.

Restart (2015)

Mark Steier also approached
Heidi and spoke to her about Wortfilter .

“Mark said at the time that, he had retired as a privateer and actually
wanted to write a book. He then offered that he could write for Wortfilter and
Felix and I could have the earnings. That's what it said on the website from
the restart."

Wörtlich schreibt Mark selbst über sich: “Ende 2012 entschloss sich Herr Steier sich aus dem Geschäft zurück zu ziehen. er lebt nun als Privatier in der Nähe von Köln.” Mark
himself writes verbatim: “At the end of 2012, Mr. Steier decided to withdraw
from the business. he now lives privately near Cologne.”


“I was put off again and again with the associated license agreement. Supposedly he hired a fellow attorney to create one, and he'd asked repeatedly, over and over again. As it turns out, that wasn't the case at all. There was only a short phone call - no order, that's what the colleague confirms. I was seriously ill in the meantime, so I couldn't take care of it myself - and of course I trusted my partner, who has been Mark Steier since mid-2015." 

That's how Mark started writing. Heidi made all contacts available to Mark, gave him access to the databases, and gave him tens of thousands of email addresses in order to quickly get back to the level that Axel used to have.

This is how Wortfilter restarted in 2015..

Takeover by Mark Steier

without the knowledge of Heidi

Mark Steier and I separated in July 2022. By the end of
November 2022, I also assumed a peaceful separation. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be possible with Mark Steier. 
On November 22nd, 2022 I found out that Mark Steier had overwritten the domain "wortfilter.de". A domain that was registered to me and can only be transferred with a so-called auth code. So I should have given my consent with this auth code, which I never gave. This was only possible because Mark Steier also had admin access to administer the domain "wortfilter.de". This is how he acquired the domain “wortfilter.de”. After contacting the hoster in order to be able to reverse the process, I was then informed that Mark Steier had already registered as a domain owner in March 2021 - more than a year before the separation. As can now be assumed afterwards: Quite obviously, in order to save the costs of a further warning, because Mark has indemnified me from any claims by third parties. So if a warning fluttered in, which was not necessarily uncommon, Mark took care of it alone and often had to pay twice: for himself and for me as the domain owner. Of course, he saves these double costs. And since I already know what Mark Steier is answering now: " You knew that because some lawyer had already presented it in some procedure. " No, I didn't know.

As if that wasn't enough, I was notified of an application
for cancellation of the trademark "Wortfilter" at the DPMA. An “offer” was made to me as compensation: “Wortfilter” will be bought for a monthly amount of €850 over 5 years. He writes that he didn't have to make me an offer at all because the brand was ready for cancellation. Legal steps have now been taken which will gradually lead to a clarification. All private things
don't belong here, but anyone who knows Mark Steier can guess that it is essential to explain things to the readers at this point. Incidentally, Mark has now registered the Wortfilter trademark himself. You already know: the mark that is due for deletion.

Incidentally, after the separation, he had already changed the imprint, which stated that “all income” should benefit Felix. Suddenly there was only “part of the income”.

Mark earns several thousand euros a month just from the advertising revenue - and bills it to his accounts. Anyway, arriving here doesn't do anything...

But this time you made the calculation wrong, Mark Steuer: You neither take Wortfilter from me, nor do you get me down. Never forget: I am a mother and I fight!

Everything else follows the legal channels I prefer. 

PS: As a precaution, I make it clear that in case of doubt everything written above is my opinion. Not that I'll be a victim of any of your lawyers (if there are any left). The rest: in court!

Wortfilter – reboot

As long as the legal dispute over wortfilter.de is raging, Wortfilter by Heidi Kneller-Gronen will switch to the domain wortfilter.eu. It is now time to look ahead.

There are new paths, new goals, and tons of new Wortfilter- improvements too.

Let yourself be surprised...

For information: The mills of justice have already started.

No, Mark Steier will not keep the domain wortfilter.de.
No, I will not delete the brand.
No, I'm not going to sit here without a fight and let my son and I have our life insurance sneakily taken from us.

Every new beginning also has something good: It brings a thorough cleansing into structures that may already have gotten stuck.

I look forward to your feedback. Do you have any requests or suggestions for improvement? Write to under contact.